My third attempt at a online comic. Based on a dream I had. Updates Mon - Wed - Fri **WARNING** This story will only get darker and more violent as time progresses! Young 'uns beware!
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Newish look. - August 6th, 2007, 2:53 pm

You guys probably notice I'm fiddling around with the layout. The picture in the back is just a temp, like the banner on the top, I juts have to draw a finished picture of them ~ XD;

I guess I'll keep the 'made by' link at the bottom since I really didn't do any of the coding myself, ya know? Just fiddled with the colors. That's eeeasy.

Also, I have. Uh. A dream. When I want to grow up I really really want to draw/write comics so. This is just me trying to see how much energy/how hard it is. But. I would love. Anny comments and criticism. On the story.

Not on the art unless you can find something hugely wrong with a pose etc, but on, the layout. And the pacing, and the ideas. I really don't want this just to be a obvious 'I know what's gonna happen' quick fast unimportant overused plot with the art playing the major role.
(Like some comics on here. But I won't name names.)

So really. Try and take this comic as someone attempting to do a serious, professional thing. Look -beyond- the art. Tell me what you think. It will help me in the long run. ;3