My third attempt at a online comic. Based on a dream I had. Updates Mon - Wed - Fri **WARNING** This story will only get darker and more violent as time progresses! Young 'uns beware!
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headdesk time

ahahaha .... woops

wed + friday comic coming to you ... this weekend.


The current layout really isn't working with my comic, due to the size of the comic and the comments bar being
along the right.
I will try and make one that stretches the page less soon!

Ding ding ding!

I'm looking for a proofreader to go over all future comics and all the ones in the archive and shove all my spelling/grammar errors in my face.

There could be allot of these.

Pay is the warm glow-y feeling you get in your belly after you've helped someone, and the chance to see the comics before anyone else. If that means anything to you.

Beep Beep

Prepare for radical style changes in the near future folks, I'm still trying to find something that feels good to draw and looks nice in the end and where I can FIT ALL THE TEXT IN.

Still alive.

Yes, you'd better beleave it. I have a new WORKING tablet, free time, and determination to really get this thing rolling.

Yes, the archives make me wince now. No, I will not re-do them because that will make me start hating life. Things might start moving in a different direction, what with the lack of swearing every second sentence and all, but I hope you're all down with that!

Look for it in May!


Has descended upon us again.

I'm trying to see if I can get the next chapter fully written before I start submitting it, but it's taking time. ^^;


If you've been stalking this comic so far you might notice by now how erratic the posting is. I basically draw all the comics I can on the days when I feel up to it so I can have something to put up on the days where I'm tired/overworked/not drawing well.

The reason for the sudden few days of no comics is basically when I hit a art block and run out of reserve comics to post at the same time.

So I'm thinking of having it update on say, sundays and wednesdays, so I can start planning how many I have to draw per week, and so I can get a decent amount done for if I have a art block for any amount of time so I can keep putting them up. Also gives me more time to look over the pages again and notice any mistakes.

Newish look.

You guys probably notice I'm fiddling around with the layout. The picture in the back is just a temp, like the banner on the top, I juts have to draw a finished picture of them ~ XD;

I guess I'll keep the 'made by' link at the bottom since I really didn't do any of the coding myself, ya know? Just fiddled with the colors. That's eeeasy.

Also, I have. Uh. A dream. When I want to grow up I really really want to draw/write comics so. This is just me trying to see how much energy/how hard it is. But. I would love. Anny comments and criticism. On the story.

Not on the art unless you can find something hugely wrong with a pose etc, but on, the layout. And the pacing, and the ideas. I really don't want this just to be a obvious 'I know what's gonna happen' quick fast unimportant overused plot with the art playing the major role.
(Like some comics on here. But I won't name names.)

So really. Try and take this comic as someone attempting to do a serious, professional thing. Look -beyond- the art. Tell me what you think. It will help me in the long run. ;3

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